“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but not vision.”
Helen Keller

Think your vision health isn’t important?

Keep in mind that the only reason you can see a beautiful landscape, the face of a loved one, or these words is because your eyes are functioning properly. Too often, we take our sight for granted. That is until we need an eye exam, glasses, or corrective surgery. At that point, we often have a choice of paying an outrageous bill or simply going without.

If you have a solid vision insurance plan, you can have regular eye exams, which help to spot problems with your vision and signs of serious medical issues like cancer, glaucoma, and diabetes. You can get discounts on expenses like glasses or contact lenses. The right plan can even substantially reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. But what’s the best way to find that plan? Simple, partner with the friendly professionals at HealthCareZip.

When you reach out to us, we’ll comb through a wide variety of plans offered by reputable healthcare insurance companies, such as Cigna and United Healthcare. Our team will explain the details in clear language and help you find a plan that makes sense for both your eyesight and your wallet. Are you beginning to see the possibilities?

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