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What type of insurance do you sell?

My husband is a successful insurance agent for a great company, however, his plan is very exclusive and only 20% of people qualify for it so I felt compelled to help him find alternatives for the ones who couldn’t qualify. I quickly became an expert in selling Short Term, Supplemental, Life Insurance as well as Medicare plans.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Tampa, FL, however, I’m licensed in 30 states, including: AL, AZ, AR, CA, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MS, MO, MT, NV, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WY.

What languages do you speak?

I’m originally from Brazil and I lived in several spanish speaking countries so besides English I also speak Spanish and Portuguese.

What carriers do you have?

There are literally hundreds of carriers out there and as an independent broker I can go directly to each one of them to get appointed whenever necessary. Here are just a small list of some of the biggest carriers I represent: United HealthCare, National General, Ameritas, Mutual of Omaha 

Who do you work for?

We represent insurance companies but we do NOT work for them! I’m an independent broker and I always tell my clients that I work for THEM, NOT the insurance company. My goal is always to find the plan that best suits your needs. I’m never attached to a particular plan. The only thing I care about is that the plan we find for you is the best one for YOU!

Health Insurance Questions?

Don’t worry! I’m here to help! My passion is educating people on how the different health plans work so they can make the best decision for themselves as well as their family. I also like to make sure my client know how to use the plan they chose so I don’t disappear after we pick your plan. I actually come with the plan! You will have access to me on the same phone number my family members reach me and I’m always available to help you going forward.

What Does Health Insurance Cover?

Health insurance can cover a variety of things, from your regular checkups and family care to your major medical expenses. The types of services that are covered will vary with different healthcare providers and plan types, so it is important to determine your needs before buying a specific health insurance plan

How Does Health Insurance Work?

Health insurance can help you pay for your regular healthcare costs as well as your major medical expenses, depending on the type of plan you choose. You will pay a premium of some kind, based on your plan and coverage, whether you get your health insurance through your employer or privately. Depending on your type of plan, you may have co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance.

Why Is Health Insurance So Important?

Health insurance helps you to manage the costs of your family’s care, including regular doctor’s visits and unexpected illnesses and injuries.

Just one serious illness, or an emergency procedure can have dire consequences for your financial portfolio if you aren’t insured properly. Health insurance coverage may seem expensive, but if you compare your premiums to the cost of surgery and other medical procedures out of pocket, there’s no question that healthcare insurance premiums are far lower in cost.

What Does Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of health insurance depends on several factors. Costs vary based on your plan type, whether you have insurance through an employer or private insurer, what state you live in, and how much of the insurance you cover. Additionally, if you purchase your coverage through the healthcare exchange, you may qualify for government subsidies based on your household income.

How do I Get Health Insurance?

When you begin to search for health insurance, you can look on the private market or through your state’s healthcare exchange. For those who are new to the process, it can be overwhelming. Start by assessing your needs. If you’re prone to illness, play high impact sports, or have a risky profession, it may be better to have a lower deductible plan rather than one with a high deductible. That’s when a Licensed Health Insurance can help. They will look at all your options and make suggestion so you can make an education decision.

How We Work

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The first step is to schedule a phone conversation where my team and I will gather as much information as we can so that we can search for the best plan that suits not only your needs but your budget as well.


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Once we’ve done a thorough search we will present you with all your options and provide us with our honest opinion about each plan. We will share with you the positive AND the negatives of each plan so you can make a wise educated decision.

Make the most of your plan

If you ever have any doubts or issues with your plan my team and I are always here to help. Whether they’re refusing to pay a claim or you can’t seem to find a doctor that’s part of your network, all you have to do is call us.