With Small Business, We’re all Salespeople


It ‘s easy to overly identify with our roles in small business.

“I’m a life coach.”

“I’m a website designer.”

“I’m a jewelry maker.”

But one thing common to almost all small business? We’re all salespeople underneath our roles.

Now many of you may cringe when you read that, especially the introverts out there. But the truth of it? Being “in sales” is something to be embraced not eschewed.

First of all, it may be time to reconfigure what you consider a salesperson. Maybe you envision a bossy car salesman who just radiates “huxter.” Or that intrusive saleswoman in a department store who won’t leave you alone even though you clearly said, “just browsing.” (You know who you are, lady at the perfume counter.)

But today’s salesperson is much more polite (they need to be) and unobtrusive.

Here are three pointers to pump up the salesperson within.

1. Focus on them, not you. It’s a common occurrence: we’re so pumped to speak to a prospective client that all we talk about is what we do. We want to show off our skills…and that’s normal. Unfortunately, its not that helpful when it comes to sales. Potential clients wants to know what you can offer them and how you can make their life easier. So before you jump into your elevator speech, take a few minutes to check in with your potential client. Ask questions, ascertain their needs. In short, listen.

2. Dare to be excited. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re proud about your business, then share that pride. Get excited about the ways in which you can help a potential client. This isn’t a hard sell approach but simply an enthusiastic discussion about your offerings. You’ll notice the ripple effect.

3. Be just the right amount of pushy. If you’re interested in a potential client, be assertive and reach out to him or her more than once. If emails don’t seem to be that effective, then pick up the phone (yes, it’s alright to call a client!). It’s a fine line of course. But considering the amount of electronic communications we wade through every day, it’s often necessary to cut through the clutter by reaching out more than once.

Take a moment to picture yourself as a salesperson–one you wouldn’t mind meeting in a store or in a meeting. Maybe he or she’s a little more assertive than you. Good. We should stretch outside of our personal boundaries. Dare of play that role of a salesperson. It’s not as cringe-worthy as you thought…and it may just increase your sales.



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