What Perfectionism is Costing You

perfectMany of us know that perfectionism isn’t a good thing yet we often still secretly applaud it. We can’t help but believe that a high level of perfectionism equals success. Afterall, how could all of the winners of the world succeed without some degree of it, right?

Wrong. Perfectionism causes more harm than good and can get in the way of you and the next phase of your career.

Here’s why:

Perfectionism actually lowers productivity. How long does it take to create the perfect outcome? About the same time it takes to find a perfect lover, friend of family member…a long time! The endless pursuit of a perfect end result can drag on forever. Simple tasks take longer than they should. And productivity ultimately lags as you keep striving for the impossible.

Perfectionism alienates you from others. Take a moment to think of a perfectionist in your life. Are they enjoyable to be around? Do they laugh easily and embrace mistakes? Of course not. They’re often rigid and unyielding. Almost every business pursuit requires interactions with others and as we know, we naturally enjoy those who are relaxed and easy-going.

Perfectionism lowers creativity. Out of the box thinkers are natural risk-takers. They realize you need to break some eggs in order to make an omelet. On the flip side, perfectionists tend to stick to one “tried and true” method of doing things. It sounds good in theory but pursuing a professional dream requires a more expanded way of looking at the world.

What’s the takeaway? Allow yourself to take chances and make a copious amount of mistakes. Take note of when the perfectionist inside is running the show (since we all have one lurking) and tell that boring stick-in-the-mud to give it a rest.



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