Warren Buffet’s Painfully Simple Business Advice

After reading this article in Inc., I couldn’t help but be surprised. Here I thought I’d find some complicated business philosophy offered up by one of the most powerful men in the world, Warren Buffet.

But instead, I read this:

“Never do anything in life if you would be ashamed of seeing it printed on the front page of your hometown newspaper for your friends and family to see.”

He also attributes his immensely loving and supportive family as a core factor in his vast success. But when its all said and done, his lesson is one of self-responsibility, honesty and goodness.

But his words of wisdom also speak of another key component: transparency.

A study from Harvard Business School explored the concept of transparency in a restaurant setting, where both the cooks and customers could see each other throughout the dining process.

The results showed a striking improvement of 17 percent in customer satisfaction and 13 percent faster service when customers and cooks can see each other. This is a fascinating look at the power of transparency, and it indicates that customers are happier when they feel they’ve been made part of the process.

Source: Entrepreneur

The takeaway? We tend to perform better when we know others are watching. Now, that isn’t meant to instill a sense of paranoia or self-consciousness. Just an awareness of how we’d like to appear in front of others professionally, even when they’re not watching you “cook in the kitchen.”

So make your work week a little more “transparent.” Imagine what it would be like if there was a team of well-respected others watching the way you manage your time. Act “as if.” Take Warren Buffet’s advice and employ a sense of openness in your professional and personal actions. Undoubtedly you’ll notice your work habits change…most probably improve.



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