My Biggest Marketing Mistake (and How I Learned to Move Past it)

Marketing is about testing not perfection.

Those 6 words took a long time to sink into my head. You see, I’m a recovering perfectionist. I couldn’t stand to do anything that wasn’t going to turn out just right. So I’d mull over things, deliberate some more, finally create…then tear it down and start over until I got it just right. The only problem? It never was “just right” and my productivity took a nosedive.

Marketing helped me turn my perfection around. Why? Because marketing requires frequent maintenance. No longer could I twist and turn over every decision; I had to just make a quick choice—put myself out there—and move on. And guess what? Finally, my perfectionism (luckily) took a nosedive.

One the best parts of online marketing is that it’s constantly turning over and re-inventing itself. Not sure if that blog post of yours is ready to go? Get it out there. You can improve upon it and re-post it later with a new title. Not sure if an article you posted on your Facebook business page is relevant? Post it. If it doesn’t “click” with your audience, then move on. (Analytics will also point you in the right direction.)

Allow your marketing mistakes to be road signs, not reasons to beat yourself up. Marketing is all about trial and error. It’s only by embracing this process, you’ll uncover more accurate methods to reach your audience. So dare to put yourself out there. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect.

The hardest part is getting started. That’s when those old voices of perfectionism are at their loudest. Let them yell…and get started anyway.

Have a powerful week!


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