Mondays – Setting the Stage for your Work Week

No, it’s not an easy day. Not always a fun day. But if we dial our Mondays in right, it sets the stage for the rest of our week.

First, why are Mondays so hard in the first place? Because you’re shifting gears. We just spent two days (hopefully) resting and relaxing. Even in that short period, our body and mind becomes accustomed to a different pace. So how can we shift back into productivity mode in a way that doesn’t seem so…annoying?

Don’t crawl back under the covers. Here are some gentle tips that are bound to soften the hard edges of the beginning of the week.

Start with gentle exercise and a healthy breakfast. Most of us have an exercise regimen in place (and if you don’t, consider one–exercise is critical in keeping our minds sharp and our bodies healthy). But on Mondays, its a good idea to ease into our exercise routine. For example, if you run, Monday might be a good time to take a brisk walk instead.

If you have access to a pool or another body of water, a swim is a gentle, way to warm the body up without overdoing it. Whatever you choose, choose something. Exercise jumpstarts you into a more positive attitude on Mondays. And don’t forget breakfast: another key component in feeding the body and mind.

Clear your space and make room for the week. Instead of jumping headfirst into bigger projects, make sure you have the room to do so. A messy desk can often equate to a fuzzy mind, especially first thing on a Monday morning. Spend a few minutes clearing your space. This includes your computer’s desktop. If your desktop is littered with everything from pet photos to tax documents, sort and order. Designate folders and “file” accordingly. And don’t forget to empty the trash!

Touch on your to-do list. Instead of feeling like you’re supposed to take on the world Monday mornings, think bite-sized pieces instead. Send follow-up emails, check-in with clients and talk about the plan for the week, make a few calls to simply review the status of a project without feeling the need to complete it. The point? When we’re hit with Monday’s mental resistance, we often find these smaller steps more doable thereby reducing that sense of “oh my God, where do I start?”

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. We’re not robots, but humans. We’re allowed to ease into our schedule in a manner that feels organic and natural. Find your own personal pace and adjust accordingly…and don’t forget breakfast!


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