Integrating Humor into your Business

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Did you hear the one about the business owner who used humor as a way to disarm and engage clients?

It worked.

Okay, that’s not really a joke but the important takeaway? Integrating humor into your business practices has positive effects on you as well as those in your work environment. Why?

Humor is humanizing. When we dare to connect with another with humor, we’re reaching out to them on a personal level. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be funny. It’s merely the attempt at being funny that’s often enough to allow a client or colleague to see a softer, gentler and human side of you.

Humor breaks down barriers. Business is often rife with difficult decisions. Let’s say you’re negotiating an agreement with a client but you don’t see eye to eye (usually meaning the client doesn’t want to pay you as much as you’d like!): humor is a great way to soften the edges so a more difficult decision can be made.

Humor makes for a better work environment. When you’re able to laugh with the people who enter your work world on a daily basis, it has a positive ripple effect. A happy workplace means a healthier workplace (which means a more profitable workplace). And of course, we know that laughter has all sorts of positive physical and mental effects which, in turn, help you run your business better.

So dare to crack a joke or make a colleague or client smile with a funny anecdote before you get down to business. Ultimately, funny can be more serious than you’d think!



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