How to Treat Social Media like a Staged Play

So you’ve started your own business or project and now you’re ready to show it to the world. Maybe you set up a Facebook business page or a Twitter account or even a Pinterest board or a YouTube channel. Whatever your platform, it’s simply the stage.

Now it’s time to put on the play!

First, introduce the players. People like to know who is giving them helpful information so make sure you set up a thoroughly completed profile for any of your accounts. That means a clean, clear picture of yourself (or your logo) as well as detailed information about your business (including your website, of course).

Profiles give you a great opportunity to share the equivalent of an elevator pitch with your audience, meaning you don’t have a lot of time (or space) to describe your services…so do it well and succinctly!

Second, let the play begin! Now it’s time to share content with your audience. But before you begin posts and pictures, write out a list of all the possible content you could share. And think outside of the box. If you’ve started a hair dressing salon, don’t simply share images of haircuts but the latest in fashion news or the importance of considering face shape when determining a perfect haircut or fun information about a particular hairdresser. Even local (uplifting) news is appropriate (since it shows civic pride, which resonates with the people in your area).

Post that list prominently above your workspace then start sharing relevant content. Make sure you include an introduction to your post instead of simply sharing it, which helps personalize the content.

When you think of your social media like a play–like a creative endeavor–it no longer becomes a chore but a fun, inspiring ongoing project instead.

Curtains up!


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