Celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with ‘The Power of Being a Woman’ Teleseries

Celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with ‘The Power of Being a Woman’ Teleseries

A big hello from Vanessa! 🙂

I’m so excited to host a special speaker series http://powerofbeingawoman.com in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History month.

International Women's Day

The Teleseries begins on February 25, 2013; it includes interviews with 20+ luminary women. These highly successful and powerful women will teach and guide the participants how to create the inner power and outer success that they deserve.

Through this teleseries, our main intention is to encourage listeners to not only plan and take desired action on their goals but to also realize that they already have everything within themselves to be, have and create anything their heart desires.

It is designed exclusively for those women, who are tired of playing small and are ready to step into their full power, but could use some support in finding the right direction.

It’s a must-attend course for you as a women if you want to:

  • Identify what is holding you back
  • Discover the true meaning of power and how it impacts you as a woman
  • Overcome life challenges without compromising your integrity and sanity
  • Conquer any limiting belief you might have about being a woman
  • Reaffirm your self-worth and self-esteem
  • Learn how to connect with your inner guidance system
  • Connect with your feminine power and create a life you love
  • Find your real internal power and carve it
  • Feel confident and empowered about your future
  • Achieve SELF LOVE and SUCCESS in every walk of life

Most of us don’t realize that within us we hold a seed of power which is capable to give the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength we need.

It will be an amazing conversation to inspire, empower and rediscover the strength of a woman. We’ve gathered the information, tools and support from over 20 passionate and world-renowned women like New York Times Bestselling author Sonia Choquette, 6 time Emmy Award Winner Shawne Duperon, bestselling author and philanthropist Teresa De Grosbois, and many others who will guide you to identify the real YOU, grow, shape and sustain your inner power. It’s time to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!

Other luminary speakers include: Marilyn Suttle, Monika Laschkolnig, Sheevaun Moran, Farhana Dhalla, Marbeth Dunn, Yvonne Ohumukini Urness, Karen Fitzgerald, Charmaine Hammond, Debra Kasowski, Stephanie Owens, Carmela Ramaglia, Lisa Litwinski, Jennifer Urezzio, Karen Klassen, Lin Morel, Vidette Vanderweide, Jessica Patterson, Laura Rubinstein, Lana McAra, Angela Dacey, Kate Neligan, Christie Mims, Lisa Rose, Karen Rowe, Jennifer Bloome, Michelle Weimer, Nancy Penttila and Aimee Serafini.

To participate, you must register in advance at http://powerofbeingawoman.com/.  Free registration to this Teleseries also includes access to all the live calls, replay of all the calls for 7 days, subscription to my inspirational magazine: Conscious Living, and empowerment gifts from every single one of the guests.

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History month, the telesummit “The Power of Being a Woman” will start on February 25th and will last till March 2013.

Hope to connect with you soon!

In Love & Gratitude,

Vanessa Halloum

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