Address the Stress!


When I read this article in Brandon Gaille’s blog last week, I had a classic “a-ha!” moment. As we pursue our professional goals, stress is, well…going to happen, let’s be real. It comes in all forms, from an unhappy client to an unpaid bill. And it doesn’t stop there, because real life keeps knocking on our door (sometimes literally) as you keep your business afloat, like your teen who needs a sudden ride home.

But as Jeff Bezos reminds us in this quote? The way we handle stress can make the difference between it consuming us or potentially, moving us forward.

So here are two techniques to remember when you’re embroiled in the stress of the day:

  1. Define it. When you identify clearly what is causing you stress, you’ve already come one step closer to moving past it. Stress has an insidious way of making us feel as if everything is out of control when upon closer examination, it tends to be one or two particular areas of our life that are the real “hot spots.” Take a moment to write out very specifically what is stressing you out…then move toward acting on it.
  2. Address it. As business owners, we tend to put a lot on the back-burner in order to move our business forward. This often leads to delaying the areas that are causing us stress. As Bezos points out in the quote above, move toward addressing the stressful issues immediately. You’ll find yourself freed from the emotional energy that problem is causing you. When you begin your work day, ask yourself, “What is causing me the most stress today?” Then do your best to address it.

Listen, stress is simply part of our modern life. How we handle it is up to us. So as Mark Twain said so famously, “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day.” You’ll find the rest of your day moves much more smoothly.

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