Vanessa Halloum is a transformational coach and marketing strategist. After a successful 15-year career in marketing she left the corporate world to follow her passion and help mission-driven entrepreneurs breakthrough their limiting beliefs and experience the personal freedom and business success that they deserve. She’s the President and CEO of Empowered Life Productions, a company dedicated to creating and marketing empowering products, programs and events that will make a positive impact in our world.

Vanessa’s the author of The 5 Feminine Power Virtues, award-winning book finalist in the women’s issues category for the 2012 USA Best Book Award, and founder of Feminine Soul, an online community for women who want to connect and collaborate with other visionary women and unleash their feminine potential. She’s also the host of the Feminine Soul Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio, where she has in-depth conversations with incredible women on how to live empowering and inspiring lives.

Her mission in life is to help women reconnect with their feminine essence so they can access their inner authentic power. She strongly agrees with the Dalia Lama that “the world will be saved by the Western woman” and she’s committed to empowering women so we can take our power back and heal the world around us with conscious and compassionate leadership. Vanessa loves discussing ways we can create a balance between masculine and feminine energy in our planet and loves studying and teaching authentic power principles that help us live our lives from an empowered state.

She coaches women with their mindset and marketing. Whether you are looking to breakthrough personal barriers in your life or you want to improve your business’ visibility by improving your marketing, Vanessa can help you.

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Vanessa currently offers Life Coaching Session, Marketing & Business Coaching Sessions & Mastermind Groups:


Life Coaching

A certified Life Coach and Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Vanessa’s coaching focus is on letting go of your ego and your stories in order to become your authentic self and create an abundant life. Her mission is to help you find what empowers in your life so you have the right tools to live a life of joy and fulfillment.

She’s also a graduate of Anthony Robbin’s Mastery University, which has inspired her to live and teach a holistic view in life where we are not fulfilled in just one area of our lives but instead have the perfect balance of personal, health, career and spiritual abundance.


Business Coaching

Vanessa has 15 years of marketing experience in the corporate world as well being an entrepreneur. She enjoyed a successful career as a marketing manager for companies like Citigroup, Etrade, Smith Barney. She now loves coaching small business owners how to incorporate online marketing and social media marketing with their overall business goals in a way that gives them a huge advantage over their competitors.


Mastermind Groups

Masterminding is a fantastic way to bring together a group of powerful people to support each other in their lives. There is a magic that happens when people come together with the purpose of growing and learning. Vanessa started creating Mastermind groups back in 2008 when she lived in New Jersey and she’s now offering Mastermind Groups in South Florida. She will soon also start offering virtual Mastermind Groups.


Click here to find out how Vanessa can help you in your journey.

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