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“Vanessa is a conscious marketing pro. She goes deep to uncover any inauthentic sabotage that may be stopping you from rocking out your business. Vanessa strategically coaches you to move through marketing discomfort, to take calculated risks, while doubling your audience and reach. I highly recommend her.”

Shawne Duperon

6-Time EMMY® winner & Media Coach, ShawneTV & Project: Forgive

“I wouldn’t choose anyone else to build my website! Vanessa knows her stuff and was able to customize my site based on my industry and personal preferences. She went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my site. I absolutely love my website!”

Jacquie Hermans

Inspirational Comedian, Lighn'Up

“Vanessa Halloum is a marketing wizard, an amazing, warm, motivational coach, and a strategic genius. I have a small business that was limping along due to my distaste for marketing. I didn’t like selling myself or hawking my products. Vanessa has helped me create a dynamic marketing plan that feels like it fits who I am and the way I want to project myself in the world. Attendance at my events has grown dramatically and steadily under her tutelage.”

Laura Davis

Best selling author of The Courage to Heal and Becoming the Parent You Want to Be, LauraDavis.net

“I’ve always been passionate about my blog and confident about my work that I have on it, yet I still felt a bit lost when it came to marketing and gaining subscribers. Vanessa changed all of that for me. She was so warm and courteous and instead of just giving me a standard lecture, she took the time to look at my site and customize my site for what I wanted it to accomplish. She’s given me a new-found confidence in my work and now I feel like a businesswoman! I’m even starting to make more sales in my products than before. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to improve their site, gain more subscribers, sell more products, and gain more confidence and I’d use her again without any hesitation. Thanks so much, Vanessa!”

Nina Pundarik-Dossin

Blogger, TheProperLady.com

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